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Dead it, sis. Dead all the baggage and unrealistic expectations and pressures that have kept you hostage from living in alignment with your souls’ desires. The Capricorn new moon will be making a conjunction with Pluto — highlighting our personal power to overcome blockages and difficult situations that have kept you hostage.

This new moon is one of death and rebirth. A time to honor your true values and mustering up your confidence to know that it’s time to walk away.

As the Sun also makes a conjunction with Pluto, this is a period of forging a path of better…

Mars, the planet of action, ambition and desires has moved into the fixed, grounded sign of Taurus. After Mars had its chaotic run in Aries, the energy of Taurus will cause a shift — forcing us to slow down. We can’t talk about how Mars moving into Taurus will impact us all without noting Taurus’ planetary ruler — Venus. The planet, which I like to associate with our level of self-love and self-awareness. Venus also assesses our self-worth.

Though, what Venus fails to realize is that there’s always a price to pay to getting what you want, which is where…

Welcome to Cancer season, where all your hard-work will be rewarded.

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Weekly Horoscopes For June 22nd— June 28th ✧

Self-sufficiency is the name of the game this season. This week, expect a major energy shift as Mars, the planet of action and ambition shifts into its’ home sign of Aries. Now that Cancer season has begun, yes, we’ll be feeling a bit more moody and tender with our feels, but this go ‘round, we’re learning how to channel that energy into our passions and desired goals.

With every new astrological season, we can expect to shift our focus towards a new area of our lives that needs a…

A life-changing Eclipse opens doors to long-awaited dreams, goals and visions this week.

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Weekly Horoscopes For June 15th — June 21st ✧

Yep. You guessed it, Mercury retrograde arrives this week. But, that’s not the only thing popping off in the cosmos this week. Towards the end of this week, we have yet another eclipse — The Cancer Solar New Moon Eclipse.

For starters, yes expect to feel all the feels this week as the sun, moon and Mercury will shift into Cancer. What about Cancer makes us all feel so emotional you ask? Cancer’s dominant water energy and connection to the moon shines a light on our inner…

A beginners’ guide to connecting with the cosmos and tapping into your innermost self.

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Reading my daily horoscope is one thing, but decoding and learning about the beautiful intricacies of my birth chart is another. Astrology is a tool that keeps me yearning to learn more about my personality, desires, strengths, and even my weaknesses. There is nothing that satisfies me more than knowing that there is a tool purposed to create an alignment between my personal path and purpose. And while astrology can be mystifying for some, the cosmic science has helped me deepen my consciousness and awareness about myself the world around me. Beyond the moon and the eeriness of retrogrades, astrology…

After a freedom fighting Eclipse last week, this week, it’s time to ignite that energy internally.

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Weekly Horoscopes For June 8th — June 14th ✧

Whew. Last week’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius threw us all for a loop. While we’re all fighting many injustices as a collective, we can’t ignore how this energy as awakened our minds to imagine what it feel like to be free internally.

As a Black woman, I understand that it is my duty to continue doing the work and fighting the fight. But, as a healer and a creative, I even more-so understand the importance of allowing spirit to lead me to do the work inside from the streets. This week, I encourage you to do the same, sis. Not…

This week kicks off with the moon resting in the sensitive, creative sign—Cancer.

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Weekly Horoscopes For May 25th—May 31st ✧

After an intensely clarifying new moon in Gemini last week, we are called to slow down just a tad and process many downloads that have been brought to our conscious. Some of us have been thinking long and hard about going for that dream job, securing your dream home or starting up a passion project.

New moons are an excellent time for setting clear intentions for your future self and embarking on a new beginning. Have you set your intentions yet? Beginning this week, with the moon…

100+ tunes to get you through heartbreak and let out a good cry.

Every two years, the planet of love & relationships goes for a lil’ stroll down memory lane and retraces her steps backwards.🪐✨

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Breakups and friction is bound to occur within our relationships and friendships if there’s any unfinished business or unresolved issues. The gag is, not everyone deserves to stick around to watch your evolution. Though some of us may not experience a breakup, Venus retrograde is a beautiful time to connect deeper on a soul level with those in our lives. Enjoy exploring new depths with one another.

Now more than ever, tune into what you want and desire…

Because the wellness community has a diversity issue.

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Because the wellness community has a diversity issue.

In all of my 21 years, I honestly thought yoga wasn’t something we do. With the lack of representation of Black Yogis and instructors in the space, I’m not really sure if I can fault myself for having this perspective.

In the digital age, we all look to social media for the latest fads and trending stories happening all around us. Just about five years ago, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t tell you what the term wellness means or what exactly it encompasses. Today, the word is highlighted in almost all conversations with friends and colleagues and its even the…

Get wisdom and guidance from women who’ve been where we’re trying to go

Black woman leaning back with earbuds in.
Black woman leaning back with earbuds in.
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As we learn a little more about ourselves each day, it is important that we open our minds to new and fresh perspectives. On our journey through self-development, it’s inevitable that we will meet face-to-face with the most unfamiliar and vulnerable parts of ourselves. Thankfully, in the face of uncertainty, we can seek clarity and learn by listening to the experiences of the many women around us.

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular tool for sharing current events and self-help tips, as well as igniting conversations that go beyond the surface. Although hosted by Black women, this curated list of…

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