Ease And Flow, Sis— Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here

This week kicks off with the moon resting in the sensitive, creative sign—Cancer.

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Weekly Horoscopes For May 25th—May 31st ✧

After an intensely clarifying new moon in Gemini last week, we are called to slow down just a tad and process many downloads that have been brought to our conscious. Some of us have been thinking long and hard about going for that dream job, securing your dream home or starting up a passion project.

New moons are an excellent time for setting clear intentions for your future self and embarking on a new beginning. Have you set your intentions yet? Beginning this week, with the moon in Cancer, we’ll feel this sense of closeness to our innermost desires, which will make for great intention settings. Remember to dream big and get specific about it all.

We kick off this week with the moon in Cancer, calling us to tend to our innermost feelings and creativity. Self care? Monday through early Wednesday is a great time to cook your favorite meals, rest and get a few extra naps in, and tidy up your home space for optimal relaxation.

Mid-week, Mercury, the planet of communication, ideas and self-expression shifts into the sensitive and intuitive sign— Cancer. Big Cancer vibes this week. During this period, we are led to surround ourselves with those that feel like home to us. Engaging in creative projects that connect to your roots or even your inner child are possible while Mercury rests in Cancer. When it comes to our mental health during this period, it’s extremely important to not bottle up our feelings. Releasing any emotional baggage is greatly encouraged. When the going gets tough, journaling, resting, unplugging or turning your phone on “Do not Disturb” mode can help tremendously. Not everyone deserves access to you.

You owe it to yourself this week to move at your own pace. When you feel creatively inspired, be sure to jot down any ideas that come to mind. While we continue to move through retrograde season, remember that any current setbacks are an indicator that something so much more beautiful is on the way, stay patient and release any self-doubt.

I’m rooting for your rising, sis. Have a stellar week.✨

*Be sure to read for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for the most accurate readings below.*

March 21–April 19 ✧

Connecting back to your inner child is always what makes you feel at home, Aries. Maybe you’ve always needed someone to affirm that you are safe. You are rooted and you are divinely held. Since the Gemini new moon you might’ve felt slightly scatter-brained trying to search for an answer on where to go next in life. Don’t overthink it. This week, notice who and what feels like home to you. That is exactly where you need to be.

April 20–May 19 ✧

This week, it’s ok to move at your own pace and slow things down a bit. Since the Gemini new moon, you’ve been very in-tuned with listening to your body’s needs. Your creativity will skyrocket this week and it’s just the motivation you need. Be on the lookout for incoming messages, you might be surprised. Your hard-work is paying off, Taurus.

May 20–June 21 ✧

New week, who this? Since your annual new moon last week, you’re continuing to bask in your light. Let this energy fuel you throughout the week and continue to pour into yourself. It’s your season and your birthright to grant yourself your greatest desires. Pay no mind to the naysayers and love on yourself unapologetically. They can’t stand to see you win.

June 22–July 21 ✧

How is your heart this week, Cancer? As the creative and thoughtful planet Mercury shifts into your sign this week, you are becoming increasingly aware of what you want and desire out of this life. Since the Gemini New Moon, you’ve put a lot of energy into ridding energies that no longer serve you. Finally, you feel you’re connecting to your core, and you’re glowing. Step into your light.

July 23–August 22 ✧

Under the Gemini New Moon energy last week, you needed a moment to disconnect from the social world. You now realize that it was needed as one chapter in your life is coming to an end, while something freakishly beautiful is just beginning. Trust your intuition as you’re being led to your destiny. This week, focus on grounding yourself in order to fully receive the blessing coming your way.

August 23–September 22 ✧

It’s ok to simply breathe and loosen up a bit, Virgo. This week, you notice that life feels increasingly easeful when you invite your friends into your world. Since the Gemini New Moon, you’ve been focused on re-shaping and enhancing your career. The people you connect with this week, will be the just the motivation you need to remind you of your goals and greater purpose. I believe in you, Virgo.

September 23–October 22 ✧

Your soul is calling you to focus on the work that brings out the best in you. Since the Gemini New Moon, you’ve been doing your research and exploring new ways to sharpen your skills and craft. This week, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and put what you’ve learned to the test. The world is watching and we’re rooting for your rising, Libra.

October 23–November 21 ✧

Since the Gemini New Moon, you’ve received many mental and spiritual downloads. I hope you’re well rested and ready to turn it up a notch. You are stepping into uncharted territory, which will be the test to unlocking the next phase of your evolution. This week, you are realizing many truths about where you wish to journey next in life — don’t second guess it. You are ready for this.

November 22–December 21 ✧

You are powerful beyond measure. Only you know when enough is enough or when you’re ready for a change. Use the energy from the Gemini new moon and listen to your intuition if you need a little guidance. Your relationships with others and even yourself if changing for the better, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the moment. Trust the process, Sag.

December 22–January 19 ✧

Speak up for what you love this week, Capricorn. You are working towards building something lasting and worthwhile. Whether it be a relationship or business goal, this process cannot be rushed. Begin opening up to new possibilities of what could be… Your heart wishes to be seen and felt.

January 20–February 18 ✧

When’s the last time you did something for fun? You miss what it feels like to simply play and have no care in the world — pure bliss and joy. You deserve that this week. If all you did was take care of your hygiene or took a walk in nature, you’re on the right path. Go against the grain and do what makes you happy for once.

February 19–March 20 ✧

You are so deserving of the love that you desire, Pisces. It all starts with the way you speak to yourself. When’s the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “I love you?” Since the Gemini new moon, you’ve been laying low and tapping into your innermost self. This week, you’ll feel a bit more sensitive to those you interact with. This is normal, allow yourself time and space when necessary. All is good.

Amani is an Astrology writer and Social Media Manager at KnowTheZodiac. KnowTheZodiac is an Astrology community created with the intention to help Black people evolve into their highest self, using astrology as a tool for spiritual and self-awareness.

*Originally written for KnowTheZodiac.

Multifaceted creative, with a niche for Astrology, self-care and beauty for Black Women. ☀︎ Scorpio, ☾ Aquarius and ⇡Leo.

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