Ease And Flow, Sis— Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here

Photo Credit: HippyPotter

Weekly Horoscopes For May 25th—May 31st ✧

March 21–April 19 ✧

April 20–May 19 ✧

May 20–June 21 ✧

June 22–July 21 ✧

July 23–August 22 ✧

August 23–September 22 ✧

September 23–October 22 ✧

October 23–November 21 ✧

November 22–December 21 ✧

December 22–January 19 ✧

January 20–February 18 ✧

February 19–March 20 ✧

Amani is an Astrology writer and Social Media Manager at KnowTheZodiac. KnowTheZodiac is an Astrology community created with the intention to help Black people evolve into their highest self, using astrology as a tool for spiritual and self-awareness.

*Originally written for KnowTheZodiac.



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