• Six of Swords

    Six of Swords

    A seeker. Tarot, hermeticism, luck, or destiny. You choose.

  • Lisa Betty

    Lisa Betty

    Lisa Betty is a PhD Candidate in History and Course Instructor at Fordham University.

  • Amber Alexis

    Amber Alexis

    i heal through words. ✨

  • Dave Haskins

    Dave Haskins

    Fun, inspirational dude who coaches using astrology focused on empowerment. VISIT MY WEBSITE to book a reading or free consultation: www.universal-signals.com

  • Antoinette Stubbs

    Antoinette Stubbs

  • MaryJo Wagner, PhD

    MaryJo Wagner, PhD

    Non-fiction writing coach loves reading, writing, the Colorado mountains, J. S. Bach and Willa Cather. Get “9 Tips for Readable Writing” at maryjo@mjwagner.com

  • Cap Kotz

    Cap Kotz

    Writer and Story Mapping Guide, I follow the life path no matter how challenging.

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