Note To Self: I am Well. Therefore, I Bloom.

I didn’t realize the rose that grew from concrete was me.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

“I am well. Therefore, I bloom.”

Writing and reciting affirmations have never really been my cup of tea. The practice always felt tedious and fabricated. Anyone can say “I am . . .”, but the difference with me lied within my faith and whether or not I actually believed I was able to be and or become what I was affirming. The irony of it all, was me not realizing the art of manifestation and how the power of affirmations are the very root to giving life to everything I dreamed of for myself, my relationships and career.

Multifaceted creative, with a niche for Astrology, self-care and beauty for Black Women. ☀︎ Scorpio, ☾ Aquarius and ⇡Leo.

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