Rest Darling, Mars is in Taurus Now


In what ways can you fill yourself up this month? Your idea of self-security is being activated now. Financially, you might be met with surprising new opportunities to secure the bag. Remember though, not to take on more than you can handle. Not all money is good money. Your self-worth does not equate to your material or financial possessions — dig deeper.


Whatever you desire out of this life or this year is yours for the taking. Mars is here to give you that extra push to turn this year around if you haven’t really been in the mood. Romance yourself; buy yourself flowers to take a bubble bath when you need a moment. This is your time to reinvent how you wish to show up in the world. With you fine ass, hehe.


Take a breather, Gemini. This month you’ll learn an important lesson about taking your healing into your own hands. Not everybody can meet you where you are this season, forcing you to embrace your solitude and level up spiritually. Intuitively, you know exactly who needs to go. Declutter and create space for abundance to seek you.


This month, focus on freeing yourself and hiding in the shadows. This doesn’t mean overextending yourself and saying yes to everyone, but slowly find your groove in doing what you’ve always enjoyed. Keep your circle tight as your friends will play an important role in supporting and uplifting you when you need it. You don’t have to do this alone, boo.


The career switch up is real for you this month, Leo. With Uranus in Taurus also in your 10th house of career, your reputation and true calling, you’ll be surprised at all the opportunities knocking at your door. Be intentional and choose your heart this time. Go for something you truly love. The money is already there and it will follow — we see you!


You might be interested in learning or studying something new this month. Imposter syndrome shall not know your name any longer. Affirming that you are all-knowing and intellectually capable to make the right decisions will be key this month. Rest-assured you didn’t come this far to only come this far.


Over the course of this month, you’ll find yourself wanting to crawl into your shadows — the cocoon before birthing into a butterfly. You will unearth something deeply intimate about yourself that connects to building your legacy. This will require you to be delicate with yourself. Know that this will take time and necessary personal changes must take place. Rest when you need to and pay close attention to your dreams — the signs are there.


If you’ve been waiting on an offer letter, looking to secure a new gig, Mars in Taurus wants nothing more for you than to secure the bag and commit to joy. Lately, your relationships may have felt like a rollercoaster. If they make you second guess where you stand, next. Stay open to that someone who might come along and show you exactly why everyone else didn’t matter before.


Work can feel like a bit much this month and your mental health must be prioritized one way or another. You might feel like a busy body — slow it down, miss mammas. In order to give and create your best work, you must work from a space where you feel well rested and well-fed. When’s the last time you created a routine that centered your self-care? Your breath? Get to it!


I challenge you to reclaim your time and do the one thing that brings you joy. The one thing that’ll make you laugh until tears roll down your face. Prioritize your joy and love this month. Fall in love with yourself all over again without the pressure of having to explain to others this new and improved version of yourself. You can rebrand, and transform your life as freely as you desire. Do it for you. Do it with grace and do it because your heart said so. Rooting for you this season, babe.


A homebody is the perfect way to describe your energy over the next month. Whether you’re creating a space that feels like home to you, moving into a new apartment or yearning to return home to yourself, you will find solace in it all. Nesting is your birthright You don’t have to always be everything to everyone. Breathe easy, love.


Whatever you’re thinking about sharing, or creating — go for it. This is your reminder that you have always been good enough. Sound healing, talk therapy or even complete silence will be helpful in clearing your crown chakra. How you communicate your art will be well-received if you have sincere intentions. Don’t do it for the money, do it because it’ll set you free.



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Amani Richardson

Amani Richardson

Multifaceted creative, with a niche for Astrology, self-care and beauty for Black Women. ☀︎ Scorpio, ☾ Aquarius and ⇡Leo.